This page displays a few examples of FileMaker databases we've designed. These databases can make running your business a whole lot easier. To find out if we can help you improve your work flow drop us a line

VeroMara Limited

FileMaker Reporting Database

VeroMara, a UKAS accredited laboratory, needed an automated reporting system to replace the labour intensive process of manually preparing test reports by transcribing data onto a template. Employees used to spend hours doing this each week.

Clearbox designed a system which not only generated the reports automatically but also e-mailed them out to customers as soon as the data had been approved for issue. The system we implemented incorporated a sample log, a means of allocating samples to “job sheets” or records of analysis, a function for importing results, and all of the required quality control checks to maintain the accreditation status. The system, as a whole, removed a massive amount of paper work and streamlined the whole process of sample receipt, allocation for testing and reporting of results. The system was designed to ensure sample integrity was maintained and reduce the margin for error through automation and reduction of the amount of replicated data.

The system runs on a server allowing simultaneous access from over 20 computers throughout the laboratory.

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VeroMara Database

Milllane Car Cleaners

Accounts Database

Milllane Car Cleaners wanted a database that would keep track of how many cars they cleaned/valeted each day. We produced a database that enabled them to keep track of the number of cars, the service provided and the amount of money generated each day. We also incorporated an invoicing system that they could use for their contract customers. The database generates weekly reports for expenses and income as well as year end reports used for accounts.

Milllane Car Cleaners Database

GlycoMar Limited

Stock Inventory

GlycoMar wanted to replace an old spreadsheet-based stock inventory with a database that would enable them to keep their records in a more accurate and easily accessible format. We delivered a custom made database that allows employees to log stock upon receipt and easily search current stock (by location, name, price, expiry date etc.). The database also keeps track of when stock is due to expire and informs management via email 10 days prior to the expiry date in order that a replacement can be ordered if needed.

The system also keeps track of the price of each item and is used to work out the value of current stock during stock takes. All old stock is archived once it has been identified as being finished/expired, providing a full audit trail.

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GlycoMar Filemaker Database